Map point, line and area questions

The Design, Collect & Analyze module includes three different types of map questions:

  • Map point
  • Map line
  • Map area (polygon)

The type of map marking that the respondent draws is different in each of these elements but their functioning logic is the same. View our demonstration questionnaire to see how these elements can be used in a survey.

  1. Set up a background map

    To use the map question elements, you must first set up a basemap in the questionnaire settings. For instructions on how to do this, please see Questionnaire backgrounds 

  2. Add the map question element and create the drawbutton

    After you have set up your background map, go to the page where you want to place the map question and add any of the available map questions from the element library. In all map question elements you have to first write a label or title for the drawbutton, which is the button that the respondent clicks to start drawing on the map. Drawbuttons look like this (see the arrow in orange):


    It is recommended that the text on the drawbutton is unique and linked to the question you want to ask, as the drawbutton name is used to categorize answers in the analysis tool.

    You can also choose a color for the drawbutton and the map marker. Additionally, in the Map point element, you can choose an icon from our icon library to display on the drawbutton and on the map point. You can browse the available icons at Font Awesome.


  3. Customize the element in Extra settings

    The Extra settings tab contains the following additional settings:
    • Question label: A question to be displayed above the drawbutton.
    • Layer title: The name of the map layer that will contain the responses to this question.
    • Hide the layer from the layer menu switch
    • Help text: A text box that is visible when the respondent is placing their answer on the map. It can contain for example additional instructions.
    • Marker color: If you want to use different colors in the map markings and the drawbutton.
    • Minimum and maximum numbers of responses: Choose how many map markings respondents can make. 
    • Freehand drawing (in Map line and Map area elements): Allows the respondent to draw 'freely' on the map as opposed to drawing only straight lines. 
    • Minimum zoom level allows you to set a zoom level for map responses. Responses will not be accepted until respondent has met required zoom requirements. Detailed information about zoom levels can be found here

    Under the Dataname you can change the unique dataname generated for this question. However, please familiarize yourself with the ground rules for altering datanames first.

Add a pop-up with questions


If you want to ask follow-up questions (see example above) on a map marking that the respondent draws, go to the drop-down menu that opens from the three dots on the upper right corner of the element. Click Create pop-up. Then simply add the elements you want to use in the follow-up questions. For more detailed instructions on creating and editing pop-up windows, please see this article.


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