What is Maptionnaire?


Maptionnaire is a Community Engagement Platform. This means that we offer a complete digital toolset for your public participation projects. You can manage your entire engagement process in one place! Our software is browser-based —so no apps required— and works with any device. You don't need any coding skills, and the service always includes technical support and training.

Our platform consists of six compatible modules:

  • Design, Collect & Analyze — Create visually striking questionnaires that make citizen engagement easy! Includes a multitude of different map functionalities and question elements, enabling you to design a questionnaire that best fits the needs of your project. Comes with in-built translation and analysis tools that make multilingual engagement and response data analysis streamlined and efficient. 
  • The Gamified Decision-Making — Gamify your participation process and invite your participants to make decisions on how resources are allocated. A no-fuss way of organizing for example participatory budgeting.
  • Webpage builder — Bring the entire online participation process to one place. This module allows you to create a website where you can collect all of your projects, foster discussion, link to your questionnaires and offer further information to your stakeholders. You don't need any coding skills, simply drag and drop the elements that you want to use on the webpage. Share the link to the website to your stakeholders, and they can keep up-to-date with all participatory projects and events that you organize!
  • 3D Collaboration — 3D environments bring plans to life and make it easier for respondents to understand and comment on different features. Respondents can place notes and pins directly on the models, and you can change the model based on the feedback you receive.
  • Automated PDF Creator — With this function you can automatically send your respondents their responses as a PDF. You can also opt to send the same PDFs to your team members.
  • Real-time Feedback Map — Combine the information your receive from respondents in Maptionnaire with other GIS processes that you use. For example, if your respondents are asked to mark places in need of repairs on a map of their neighbourhood, you can send this information to your general repairs map.

In addition to these modules, there is an add-on, Teams, with which you can create a more complex team structure with subgroups. It's a secure and flexible way to organize your project workers, and again makes it easier for your organization to bring all their participation projects under 'one roof'.

To see how Maptionnaire works, take a look at our demo website, where you can browse project sites and access demo questionnaires.

For more information on product levels and pricing, and to book a meeting with a Maptionnaire team member, please contact:

Global Sales
Jenna Suonio
+358 50 516 5842 

Festa Isufi
+358 44 236 0022

USA & Canada
Ryan Mottau
+1 503 310 4409

Wyko Coopman
+31 65 212 4069

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