Uploading maps, images and other materials

If you have your own maps, images and other resources that you would like to use in your questionnaires and pages, you must at first upload them to Materials. Materials is a repository of all the materials that you want to use in Maptionnaire.

In the case of some settings, you can upload new files to Materials while working in the questionnaire or webpage builder. You can also add them first to Materials, making them in this way available for use in everything your team creates. In this example, we demonstrate how to add files to Materials with an image file, but you can find more detailed instructions on each type of item, including maps, from the Materials section.

How to upload a new item

  1. Log in to Maptionnaire, go to a project group, and choose Materials from the upper left corner menu.

    There are five categories for materials:

    Any images, including map images that do not contain georeferenced data
    Audio clips
    E.g. PDF documents such as privacy policies
    WFS, WMS, Bing, Mapbox, XYZ maps, shapefiles and geoJSON layers
    Any materials that are disabled, i.e. not in use

    All four material types are added in the same way, even if their individual settings may vary.  To add an item, click Add Image/Audio/Document/Map on the upper right corner. 


  2. Follow the instructions in the window that opens (below) and upload the item. The item should then appear in the item menu.




  3. To edit the settings of the item or to copy, archive, or delete it, click the three-dot symbol on the upper right corner of the item card. For example, in the case of images, you can change the name, description, and attribution of the image, as well as write an alternative text that will help visually impaired users who are browsing with a screen reader.



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