Upload an XYZ basemap

What is an XYZ map?

 An XYZ map is a map compiled from map tiles that contain images or vector data. It is one of the most popular web-based map types, used by for example OpenStreetMap (installed automatically to all Maptionnaire teams).

How to upload an XYZ map to Materials?

  1. Go to Materials. Click + Map and choose XYZ from the drop-down menu. 

    Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 5.31.30 PM.png

  2. Enter the XYZ server URL in the window that opens.


  3.  Once Maptionnaire has established a connection to the server, the map should be visible in the area that was grey in the previous window. You can now edit the settings:

    • Name the map.
    • Write a Description for it (to be displayed in the item card). 
    • Write a Control label or the map layer name that will be used in the map menu of the questionnaire if several map layers are in use.
    • Attribute the map to its producers (e.g. OpenStreetMap). The attribution is displayed on the lower right corner of the map
    • Set the Zoom range of the map. This should be the range for which the map server can produce tiles. Setting an incorrect range can make your map load slowly or not show up at all. Most servers support the range 1 to 19, and in general you should not need to change the lower end value of the range. If the map server supports very detailed views, you can increase the upper end of the range up to a maximum of 25. If the map layer disappears at high zoom levels, try lowering the upper end of the range.
  4.  Finally, click Create item, or Save if you are editing the settings after creating the item.


How do I use this map in a questionnaire?

For more information on how to use maps in questionnaires, please see Questionnaire backgrounds.

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