Page card

What is a page card?


A page card is the clickable rectangle on your public front page that helps you organize different pages; the demo front page above contains two cards (circled). The title and the short profile text included in the card will also be used as the title and as the introductory paragraph of the page (circled in the image below).

If your project has a front page, remember to switch on the Show on public front page setting in the General settings of the page for the card to become visible. If you intend to feature the page in the Ongoing category on the front page, you need to give it both start and end dates.


How to edit a page card
  1. Go to the webpage editor and choose the settings pull-out menu from the left side of the page. Go to the Card tab.
  2. Write the title and the description (profile text).
  3. Choose an image to go with the text. You can use either an image that you have uploaded to Materials or enter a link to an online image.
  4. You can also choose different search and display tags for your page. If you place a hashtag (#) before it, the tags will be visible to the public. The tags without the hashtags will not be visible but will help in performing searches.


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