Materials are the images, maps, audio clips and documents that you want to use in the questionnaires and websites that you produce with Maptionnaire. In other words, Materials is a repository of all the materials that you want to use in Maptionnaire.

How materials are organized

To access materials, simply click the Materials tab on the upper left corner of the screen.

There are five categories for materials:

Any images, including map images that do not contain georeferenced data
Audio clips
E.g. PDF documents such as privacy policies
WFS, WMS, Bing, Mapbox, XYZ maps, shapefiles and geoJSON layers
Any materials that are disabled, i.e. not in use

Individual items are shown as cards. You can add new materials to each category by clicking the blue button on the upper right corner.

To learn more about how to upload different types of materials, please see this article on uploading them or read the rest of the articles in this section. As always, you can also find detailed instructions on each setting by clicking the ? symbols in the Materials section.


What are disabled materials?

The fifth tab in Materials is for disabled materials. These are materials that your organization has taken out of use, but may want to recover for use again in the future. When a resource has been moved to the disabled tab, it cannot be used in questionnaires or pages.

To disable and restore materials, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the item card and choose accordingly. You can also disable an item in the Edit mode by clicking the Disable item button.


Editing, copying and deleting materials

You can edit the name and other settings related to the item when you are uploading it, or at a later stage by choosing Edit from the drop-down menu that opens from the three dots (pictured above). Remember to click Save after editing, as otherwise the changes you have made will not be saved. You can also create a copy of the item this way, as well as delete the item. Please note that once deleted, an item cannot be recovered. Therefore it may be wiser to disable it instead of deleting it, unless you are absolutely sure it is no longer needed.

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