A multiple choice grid allows you to ask questions on several different interlinked topics. There are two ways of using this element: you can ask respondents to choose an option from a group of options (e.g. "Daily", "Once a week", "Several times a week", etc.) or to choose an option on a scale.

Style 1 (group)

  1. Add the question element to your draft. The element's settings are divided into three categories: Basic, Extra and Dataname. The settings for each answer options have also been divided into three tabs.

    Write the Main question. In the example above, the main question is "How often do you commute to work/school..."


  2. Write the subjects you want to ask about in the Sub-questions fields. In the example, the sub-questions are the different modes of transport. You can add more sub-questions by clicking the + symbol. 


  3. Write the answer options in the Answer options fields. In the example above, the answer options are the different times. You can add more boxes by clicking the + symbol.

Style 2 (scale)

If instead you want the respondent to pick their answer on a scale with only the extremes (poles) and the middle named, please follow these instructions!


  1. Under the Basic settings tab of the element, add as many Answer options as you want there to be options on the scale. Don't write any text in the answer option boxes.

  2. Go to the Extra settings tab and write the titles of the pole headers. Check the Hide individual column headers box.


Extra settings

  • Minimun and maximum responses – You can use this setting to set a mandatory number of answers that the respondent has to give.
  • Randomize the order of sub-questions
  • Priority assessment – If you want the respondent to be able to choose each answer option only once.

  Pro tip!

If you have several answer options and are worried about how the grid will look like in the survey, it's a good idea to set the layout of that survey page to be wide. You can do that by going to the page settings.


Q: I'm using a multiple choice grid with many answer options, which means that the grid will be quite wide. Will this affect respondents on mobile phones negatively?

A: No, as on mobile the answer options will be automatically shown as a series of drop-down menus.


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