Creating a new page

  1. Go to the team you are working in and choose Pages from the upper left corner menu. You are now in the Webpage builder main view. To create a new page, click New page on the top right corner. 


  2. You are now in the webpage editor. To draft a page, add different page elements from the element library, which opens from the pull-out menu on the right. The pull-out menu on the left is for page settings. 


    You can also access the element library by clicking Add element in the middle of the page. Choose elements from the library by clicking them.


  3. To edit the content of an element, click the element in the draft and an editing window will appear on the right. For each setting, you can find detailed instructions by clicking the symbols.


  4. You can copy and delete elements from the three dots on the upper right corner of the element in the draft.


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