The newest version of Maptionnaire was made to make the user experience to be as easy as possible. In addition, we have created different support materials to further ensure that your experience using this tool is stress-free. 

When drafting questionnaires or posts, managing your teams and subgroups, or uploading and editing assets, you can always find detailed instructions on each setting by clicking the (question mark) symbol. 

In addition, we have prepared this manual to help you. We have divided it to thematic sections:

  • Modules and licenses – This section contains information on licensing levels, short introductions to each of the modules we offer, and an overview of how the new Maptionnaire differs from the legacy system.
  • Get started – Everything you need to learn what Maptionnaire is and how it works. This is the section that we recommend you always read first.
  • Maps and map questions – Everything related to using maps and setting up map questions and other functions in Maptionnaire.
  • Other survey questions – This section contains instructions and tips related to all other question types that you can use, such as multiple choice, number and open questions.
  • Images, text and programmatic elements – In this section you can find articles on the use of images and text in your surveys, as well as read on the different programmatic effects that we offer.
  • Publish and share your questionnaire – Tells you how to preview, test and publish your survey and gives advice on sharing it with your stakeholders.
  • Results – Everything related to analyzing your survey results and presenting them in a way that helps with decision-making. 
  • Accessibility and respondents – Contains information on how to make your survey more accessible and on how to create different respondent-related settings (e.g. maintaining respondent session, setting up mandatory questions...) 
  • Data collection and security – Includes information on for example cookies and GDPR.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Webpage Builder – How the webpage builder works
  • Other modules and add-ons  – Information on all the other modules and add-ons besides Core and Webpage Builder.
  • Suomenkieliset ohjeet – Tiivistetyt ohjeet suomeksi (instructions in Finnish).

You can also send us a support request either by email ( or by submitting a request via the link on the front page of this support guide (pictured below).


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