• Control and access — Define roles, permissions and groups
  • Increased collaboration — Make it easier to share information within your organization
  • Reliability — Convenient permission sharing allows you to cope with changed situations

The Teams module can be added to any subscription level and is especially helpful for organizations looking to use Maptionnaire in different project teams. In practice, the Teams function allows for you to create several teams and subgroups. Accessibility to each Team’s content and resources can only be provided by invitation. A person who is a member of Team 1 is therefore not able to view the resources and content of Team 2 unless invited to that team as well. This creates flexibility that allows Maptionnaire to be used by large and complex organisations such as cities and municipalities. 


Each team member is assigned a role with different access and action permissions. This makes it easy to control the level of access different project workers have. For example, if you need to employ a translator from outside your organization, you can grant them translator rights, which allows them to do their job with ease and peace of mind that that they cannot access information meant only for your project team.

You can read more about how Teams works from this section.

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