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Public front page

What is a public front page?


In the Webpage builder, you can create individual project pages, which will all be collected under one public website, called a public front page. When you first start using Maptionnaire, we automatically generate a public front page for you. You can modify its text and background image. Take a closer look at the demo front page above by clicking this link.

How to access your organization's front page

Go to Manage teams and click Team settings next to your team's name. You can find the link to your front page under the Public front page tab. This is the link that you can also share with the public. If you want, we can also create a shorter and more memorable customized URL for you. For more information, please take a look at this article.


How to edit the front page

1. Go to Manage teams and click Team settings next to your team's name. 

2. Under the Admin tab, you can write an introductory paragraph for the front page (Public front page description).

3. Under the Public front page tab, you can give the page a title (Public front page title) and change the header image by entering the URL of the image you would like to use. 


Frequently asked questions

Q: I'm creating separate pages for the same project in different languages, will these all be displayed in the same view?

A: Don't worry, the service will automatically detect the default language used by the viewer's browser, and will list only the pages that are in that language. The viewer can change to another language from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the website.  
Q: How can I change the order in which the pages are displayed on the front page?
A: Currently, the pages are organized in the order in which they were published. The first page listed is therefore the one published last. To change the order, simply re-publish the page you want to appear on top. 
Q: Why can't I see my page in the Ongoing projects? It's only listed under All?
A: This is most likely because you have chosen a visibility start date for the page but no end date. Add an end date and the page should appear under the Ongoing category.
Q: Can I get questionnaire cards to show on the front page?
A: This is currently not possible, but you can create a page with an embedded link to the questionnaire, which will direct people browsing the website to it.
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