How do I direct people to different questions based on their answers? (Page jump / skip logic)

What is a page jump?

When you have a multiple choice question, you can direct the respondents to different pages depending on the options they choose. For example, if you had the following question...

Where do you live?

a.) Neighborhood A

b.) Neighborhood B

c.) Neighborhood C could create pages with questions tailored for the residents of each of the neighborhoods. When the respondent clicks for example option a.), they are automatically directed to a page with questions about their neighborhood. This is called a page jump. In the first version of Maptionnaire, a similar setting used to be called a branching rule

Similarly, if you wanted to make your questionnaire open only for respondents who consent to their responses being published, you could include a question about it on the first page of the questionnaire using the Single checkbox element. The respondent would need to check the box if they do not consent. Those respondents who check the box would then be directed to the last page of the questionnaire, where they could exit without responding to any of the questions. Those respondents who do not check the box would be able to continue to page 2 of the questionnaire as normal.

Create a page jump

The question types that you can add a page jump to are:

In addition, there is a separate Page jump element in the Content elements section of the element library.

    1. Add and edit the question element as you would normally.

    2. Create the pages that you want respondents to be directed to. Give them titles under the Settings tab in the page settings. In the example below, all respondents arrive first on a page titled "Start here". They will then be directed to different pages according to their answer to a Choose one question; e.g. page 2 for people who chose Neighborhood A, page 3 for Neighborhood B, and page 4 for Neighborhood C.


    3. Set up the page jump. In the Choose one and Poll elements, you can find the page jump setting under the Extra settings tab for answer options. In the Single checkbox element, the setting can be found under the Extra settings tab of the element.

      To set up the page jump, simply choose the page you want to jump to from the drop-down menu.

    4. Now respondents will be directed to a specific page after they choose an answer and click the forward button. However, you need to also create a path for the respondents move onwards to shared content. You can do this in two ways:
      • Option 1:

        Set a new question to have a jump to another page. In the example below, the respondents can choose whether to move back to the first page or to move onwards to the shared content.

      • pagejumptwo.png
      • Option 2: Use the page jump content element. Simply add the element from Content elements and define to which page respondents should be directed to from this page.



Please note that if you have included several separate elements containing page jumps on the same page, only the page jump that is listed first will be activated. 

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