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What is the difference between registering with my email address or via my Google or Facebook account?

The Google and Facebook account registration options are reserved for the respondents. If you are using Maptionnaire as part of an organization creating a questionnaire, you should always register with an email address. Remember to use your organization's email domain for the registration.

I'm working on a Maptionnaire project and have used my Gmail / Outlook / iCloud / Hotmail etc. account to register. Now my colleague is telling me that I cannot be invited to a team. What's wrong?

When we create a team for a project, we create a list of approved email domains that members should use to register. This is to keep project teams as secure as possible. For this reason, we very strongly recommend that you only use your organization email to register to Maptionnaire as a project worker. It is possible to add several approved email domains to your team's list, but again, due to security reasons we advise very strongly against adding public email domains such as Gmail or Outlook on the list. Please note that we will charge a small fee for each extra domain added to your list.

How do I create a project team?

When you first begin using Maptionnaire, we create a team for you and send out the first team invitations. This will usually be completed before the training (onboarding) session.

If you are looking to use Maptionnaire in several project teams and would therefore like to create more teams / subgroups, then the Teams add-on is for you. For more information, please see our product page and contact our sales team

I've been invited to a team but haven't received an email notification about it?

You won't be sent an email notification about invitations, but should login to see if you have received any. If you have an invitation, you will see a red dot next to your username in the upper right corner of the screen. 


I tried to invite my colleague but I can't send the invitation. What's the problem?

There could be many reasons behind this:

1. Your colleague has not registered yet

Check that your colleague has registered to Maptionnaire. They need to have registered and confirmed their email address before you can send them an invitation. Remember to also check that the spelling of their email address is correct!

2. Your colleague's email domain is not on our list of approved domains for your project team

Check from your colleague whether they used their organization email to register. When a license to use Maptionnaire is purchased, we ask you for the email domains (e.g. that you will be using (usually an organization domain). We then enable your project team to use Maptionnaire with email addresses in these domains; this is done for security reasons. Therefore if you are using an email address with a domain that has not been approved, the system will not allow you to send an invitation to it.

3. You don't have the right to invite people

Check that you have been assigned the right to invite people. You can do this by logging in to Maptionnaire and by viewing your project team's settings. You can find out what your role is under the Members tab, and check which rights have been assigned for that role under the Roles tab. If you find that you don't have the right to invite people, you can ask one of the admins in your project group to grant you that right.

If none of the above problems are the issue and you still can't send the invitation, please send us a support request on this website or contact

Please remember that when you send an invitation to a person, they do not receive an email notification. Instead, they should check for pending invitations by logging in to Maptionnaire.

I've changed the permissions associated with a role, but my colleagues who have this role haven't received this new permission. What's the problem?

After each change to a role, you need to re-assign the role to the person under the Members tab. To do this, click the arrow symbol to expand a member's settings view, choose the role again from the drop-down view and click Assign

I forgot my password and am trying to reset it. However, I am not receiving the reset email. Why is this?

If you don't receive a reset email, remember to first check your junk mail folder. Also make sure that the email you resent the link to is correctly spelled and that it is the email you used to register to Maptionnaire. A reset link can only be sent to an email address that is already in our system. 

If this does not help, please contact us at

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