Can I use my own shapefiles?

Yes, you can! For more information on the specific requirements for the shapefile, please see this article.

Can I use maps from our city's map service?

Most likely yes, you can provided your city's maps are publicly available and you know the URL address of the service. 

Why is my WMS layer not working?

This could be due to several reasons. First, check that the server URL is correct. 

If the issue is that you cannot see the map layer in the questionnaire editor, try refreshing the page. If you can add the WMS basemap layer to the editor but can't see it in the map view window, take a look at the coordinates; do these match the place that you are trying to view the map for? For example, if your WMS map should contain only the map of a metropolitan area, you can search for it using the search function in the map view.

How many map layers can you have?

As many as you want! If you have many map layers that you want to use in one map view, it may however be smarter to merge some of them into fewer layers.

Is it possible to use raster maps like GeoTIFFs? 

Currently, it is not possible to upload GeoTIFFs to Maptionnaire. However, you can take your raster maps to Mapbox, and add them to a WMS layer there, and then add the resulting Mapbox map to our platform.

I would like to add features on the map that respondents can click for more information and questions. Is this possible?

Yes it is, see the Clickable map object element for more information.

How can I set a default/starting location for the map?

You can do this by going to Page settings and to the Maps tab. Then, simply zoom to the map view you want and click Set. This location will be repeated on each page featuring the map if you don't set another starting location for them.

I would like to use a shapefile that contains several public transport routes. I would like these routes to be in different colors. Is this possible?

Yes it is, if you have included each route as a separate feature within the shapefile. You can then choose the color for each route when you upload the shapefile to Maptionnaire.

Why do you not offer Google Maps by default anymore?

The previous version of Maptionnaire had some of Google's maps as default system maps. Unfortunately, due to Google's terms of service, we can no longer offer this option, as it would mean that you could use only Google Maps in Maptionnaire. For more information, please see Google Maps' Terms of Service (see in particular #3 License).

I'm trying to add a shapefile but it doesn't seem to be working?

First, check that the shapefile contains all the correct files and is in a compressed .ZIP format. If these are correct, then the problem may be caused by a z-dimension in the shapefile. To fix this, simply remove it from the file. On QGIS, you can do this by saving the features again, and in the section called Geometry choosing the feature type (point, line or polygon) instead of Automatic. Finally, uncheck the z-dimension.

I would like to create a map with points (or lines or areas), but don't know how to use a GIS programme. What can I do?

Not to worry, for this purpose we have created the Hand-drawn layers function. It allows you to place features on a map and thus create a map layer (in GeoJSOn format) that you can add to your surveys.

Can I feature labels on a shapefile/GeoJSON?

Yes you can, simply define the Label key (the name of the column in the file that contains the names of the different features) in the file's settings when you upload it to Maptionnaire.

What coordinate system (CRS) does Maptionnaire use?

We use WGS84 (EPSG:4326).

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