Embedding documents (e.g. PDF)

  1. Go to Materials. Click the +Document button.

  2. A new window should open up. Click Upload and choose the document from your computer.

    Please remember to consider the file size before you upload a document. Large files may cause problems for respondents who are accessing the questionnaire on older devices and/or slower internet connections.

  3. Once uploaded, you can rename the file, write a description for it as well as attribute it to its producer. The alternative description makes browsing easier with a screen reader and other assistive technology used by visually impaired individuals. Finally, click Create item at the bottom of the page.

How do I use a document in a survey or a page? 

You can do this by using the URL generated when you first upload a document. You can find it in the edit mode of the document. Then simply embed it using markdown language to your survey.


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