You can customize the appearance of each questionnaire page in page settings. Each page has three tabs:

  • Elements –– The elements you have added on this page, i.e. the draft


  • Settings — Give the page a title, choose which layout and background you want to use on that page, and set up a color or an image background.


  • Maps — Choose the maps/interactive image that you want to use and set page-specific zoom levels for them. If you have the same map on several survey pages, the set location on the first map page will be copied unless you make other choices in individual pages' settings or use other backgrounds on other pages. Please note that it is not possible to switch system maps in page settings.


Please note that all images and maps that you want to be able to choose in Page settings must be first uploaded to Materials and chosen as available options for this page in the questionnaire settings (Style and Maps tabs).

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