How is the new version of Maptionnaire different from the old one?

Maptionnaire has been making citizen engagement easy since 2011. Based on the development ideas received from our clients and respondents, we launched the new version of our platform in 2020. This new version —Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform— combines everything that was good in the previous version with new features that enable you to bring all your engagement activities to one place. You can create map-based surveys, participatory budgeting and voting tools, informative webpages, and 3D surveys. As previously, no app download is required and training and technical support are always available.

What's new in Maptionnaire

  • Unlimited number of editors per questionnaire
  • Everything happens in a secure, easy-to-manage team
  • More intuitive user interface
  • Improved survey question settings
  • New questions types (e.g. participatory budgeting elements)
  • Freehand drawing on maps 
  • First survey page is fully customizable
  • You can use a different background (map, image, color...) on each page
  • No longer just a survey-making tool but a way to bring all your digital engagement activities to one place
    • Create a webpage where you can inform your stakeholders about your participation projects 
    • Conduct an entire multi-stage participatory budgeting process in Maptionnaire, from initial idea collection to the voting and implementation of winning proposals
    • Connect the data collected with Maptionnaire to your other GIS processes
    • Automatize feedback collection processes
    • Harmonize public engagement within your organization by bringing all participatory project teams to one platform
    • Measure the effectiveness of your engagement processes with the Reporting Dashboard
  • You can make changes to your questionnaire at any time, even during data collection
  • Improved analysis and translation tools with new features
  • Restrict access to your questionnaire by setting start and end dates
  • Drafts are hidden from people outside your project team
  • GDPR made easy: Respondents can create Maptionnaire accounts and control their own data and responses. You can also opt to automatically send respondents PDF files that contain all their responses.
  • Incorporate 3D models to your surveys
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