Can we use a translator who is not part of our organization to translate our questionnaires?

Yes, it is possible. You can do this by inviting the translator to your project team and giving them the role of a Translator. This enables them to view the content of the questionnaires and posts and to use the translation tool. Please see the following articles about how to invite people and assign roles for them for more information on how to do this. Please note that the Translator role by default does not have rights to publish content although they can view and edit it. Therefore, if you do not give them the right to publish content, someone will need to do that for the translations to be activated.

Can I translate images?

If you have an image with text (e.g. a project logo), it's possible to add different language version of it to your survey's translations. Simply go to the translation tool as normal, and upload the image file there or first upload it to materials and then choose it in the translation tool. The image below is an example of what this will look like in the translation tool.


I would like to translate the questionnaire to a language that is not listed as available. What can I do?

If the languages that you need to use in your project are not listed, please contact us at

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