The Maptionnaire Community Engagement Platform has three product levels to choose from: Collect, Communicate, and Decide.

Includes the Design, Collect and Analyze module, which contains all the essentials for creating map-based surveys and collecting information from the public. 

In addition to the map-based surveys, this level enables you to create a one-stop-shop website for your stakeholders, where they can find relevant information and projects. It includes the following modules:


This level is for those organizations who don't just want to consult and inform the public, but want to engage them as active co-creators. It includes the following modules:

We also offer a set of complementary modules that can be added to any subscription level: 

  • Gamified Decision-Making : Elements that enable you to create surveys with gamification, prioritization and participatory budgeting features
  • Real-Time Feedback Map : Integrate information collected with Maptionnaire directly to your organization's GIS processes
  • 3D Collaboration : Create 3D surveys 
  • Automatized Public Hearing Process : Saves registry time by automatizing e.g. plan feedback collection 
  • Teams : If you're using Maptionnaire across your organization, Teams makes it possible to create and manage subgroups for different project teams
  • Reporting Dashboard : Collects all the data on your Maptionnaire surveys and pages to one dashboard, making it easy to evaluate performance

A Maptionnaire subscription is intended to be continuous, just like citizen engagement itself should be. The more projects you create with Maptionnaire, the lower the price per project. However, Maptionnaire can also be purchased as a fixed term subscription for shorter projects (e.g. academic research). We also provide consulting and survey/project design services as well as training on public participation GIS.

Interested? Contact our sales team to book a demo and discuss what could be the best solution for you!


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