User rights

Each member of a team has a role assigned to them when they are first invited to a team. There are four default roles with different permissions: Admin, Producer, Translator and Moderator. In this article, we explain what the different permissions mean.

User rights related to team management:

View team, Deactivate team, Delete team = These give the right to view the team and all information related to it and to deactivate (essentially archiving, means that the team cannot be used until it is restored) or delete it.

Edit profile = You need this right to be able to edit the profile of them team, e.g. its title and description. These will also affect the content of the public front page included in the Webpage Builder module.

View license = You are able to see the license(s) and subscriptions that your team has. 

View access = You are able to view the different access permissions that different members of your team have.

Modify access = You are able to modify the access permissions.

View members = You are able to view members in your team and what roles they have been assigned. 

Add members, Remove members = You can invite new members to your team or remove members from your team.

View subgroups, Modify subgroups = You are able to see information related to the subgroups of this team and modify them.

View logs = This means that you can view the auditing logs of the team. These record all actions taken within the team and can be used to track who has done what within your team. You can find these logs (Download event logs) under the Reports tab in team settings.

Please note!

The user permissions above control access to the team. As such, we recommend to reserve these rights only for those users who are to be administrators of the team. To be able to invite new members to the team, a user must have at least the View team, View access, Modify access, View members and Add members user permissions.

User rights related to questionnaires:

Resources in this context mean both the questionnaires and the files uploaded to Materials (e.g. images, map files, documents...)

View resources = View questionnaires and materials

Delete resources = Delete questionnaires and materials.

Transfer resources = Transfer questionnaires and materials between teams and subgroups.

Edit resources = Edit questionnaires and materials.

Translate resources = Use the translation tool to translate questionnaires and materials used in them.

Publish questionnaires = Publish questionnaires

View responses = View the results data gathered with the questionnaire, i.e. the Excel results file and analysis tool.

Edit responses = Edit the results data, e.g. hide test results from the final results data and the analysis tool.

View reports = View reports related to the questionnaires (these can be found in team settings under the Reports tab).

User rights related to the Webpage Builder module:

View pages = View pages created with the Webpage Builder.

Edit pages = Edit these pages.

Publish pages = Publish these pages.

Delete pages = Delete these pages.

View moderation = If you have included the commenting feature in your pages, this setting allows you to view the actions of the moderator.

Moderate comments = If you have included the commenting feature in your pages, this setting allows you to moderate the comments left by the public.



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