How many responses did my survey get?

How can I find out how many people responded to my survey and how many just visited it without answering?

There are a couple of ways of finding out this.

Analysis tool: Overview

The best is to go to the analysis tool (Questionnaires main view > Analyze). There is a tab called Overview which looks something like this:

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 3.30.04 PM.png

In this view, the donut graph titled Total visitors shows you the numbers. 

  • Submitted respondents = People who got to the last page of the survey and clicked "Done"
  • Unsubmitted respondents = People who responded to at least one question in the survey but did not click "Done" at the end
  • Bounce visitors = People who entered the survey but never left any responses

Visitors over time shows when people interacted with your survey. You can customize the date range.

You can customize the colors used in the charts by clicking Edit chart. You can download the chart from Export chart.

Questionnaires main view

You can also find out the numbers of visitors (all people who visited the survey) and respondents (people who left any responses) in the Questionnaires main view where your surveys are listed. Click the little arrow next to the survey's name and you can see these stats.

  • Visitors = All people who accessed the survey
  • Respondents = Everyone who responded to at least one question in the survey.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 6.58.46 PM.png

Excel spreadsheet

The number of rows in your Excel spreadsheet's first tab (Respondents) corresponds to the number of people who left at least one answer to the survey.

What does 'Submitted' mean in the Excel spreadsheet of my survey's results? Why didn't all respondents submit their responses?

In the Excel sheet of results, the column titled Submitted tells you how many respondents clicked the Done button on the last page of the survey. Because clicking Done or even reaching the last page of the survey is not mandatory for responses to be saved, the number of people who submitted their answers is almost always lower than the number of rows in the Excel sheet. 

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