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How can I find out how many people responded to my survey and how many just visited it without answering?

The Excel results spreadsheet (Results > Download responses as Excel sheet (.xlsx)) tells you how many people left at least one answer to one question: each row in the Respondents tab of the spreadsheet equals one respondent. Maptionnaire records all responses that respondents leave, even if they only answer one question.

To find out how many people visited the survey without answering, go to Team settingsReports Download questionnaires report as CSV. Please note that if you have several drafts and published questionnaires, it may take a moment for the report to be generated! 

The report is in the CSV format, so you should open it in Excel and arrange its contents to columns  (Data > Text to Columns > Delimited > Next > choose Comma and Tab > Finish). The resulting file should look similar to the image below (click it to make it larger).

One row represents one questionnaire. The All Respondents column includes the number of all visitors to the survey, including those who never left any responses. Submitted Respondents is the number of respondents who clicked the Done button at the end of the survey. The number of Visible Respondents with Any Meaningful Data tells you the number of respondents who left at least one answer. This number will match the number of rows in the Respondents tab in the results Excel.

What does 'Submitted' mean in the Excel spreadsheet of my survey's results? Why didn't all respondents submit their responses?

In the Excel sheet of results, the column titled Submitted tells you how many respondents clicked the Done button on the last page of the survey. Because clicking Done or even reaching the last page of the survey is not mandatory for responses to be saved, the number of people who submitted their answers is almost always lower than the number of rows in the Excel sheet. 

The results in the Excel results spreadsheet and the response graphs in the analysis tool do not match. Why is this?

The response graphs in the analysis tool only include responses from respondents who submitted their responses, meaning they clicked Done at the end of the survey. This is why the numbers of respondents shown in the response graphs tend to be lower than those presented in the Excel spreadsheet.

We designed the response graphs to only show submitted responses because otherwise, the graphs would also include responses from those respondents who are still in the middle of answering the survey. They may still change their answers and thus including their answers in the graphs would make the graphs change constantly.

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