How to create graphs of multiple choice questions

This article gives you instructions on how to turn your Choose one/Poll question results data into tables and graphs. 

Choose one / Poll

  1. Copy the first column (Respondent ID) and the column that contains the responses (e.g. label) and paste them to another sheet.


  2. Select the two columns with your cursor and then choose Insert from the toolbar. Click Pivot Table. Make sure that the column values are correct and choose whether you want to insert the pivot table here or on another sheet.
  3. Drag the Respondent ID column to Values and the other column (in our example, Gender) to Rows.
  4. Copy the table and paste it to another worksheet. Remember to paste without formatting.
  5. Edit column names and values if needed. Then, choose both columns and then choose Insert > Table. This helps with ordering the values (e.g. from lowest to highest).
  6. Finally, to visualize the table, go to Insert and choose a chart from Recommended charts. Please note that you can also view steps 2-5 as a video:

Choose multiple & Multiple choice grid

To visualize the answers to Choose multiple questions you can use a pivot table, but the simplest way is to simply replace the TRUE and FALSE statements with values, such as 1 and 0. 

  1. Copy the columns and paste them to an empty worksheet. Then, choose all columns and click Find & Select from the tool panel.


  2. To find out how many people picked an option, you need to replace all TRUE fields with 1 and FALSE with 0. To do the former, write TRUE in Find and 1 in Replace with. Finish by clicking Replace all. Repeat the same process for FALSE.
  3. The columns should now show 1s and 0s instead of TRUE and FALSE. Now you just need to summarize the values in each column. To do this, go to the end of the list of values and add SUM from the formula list. Press enter and the sum of all values in this column are counted. You can now create a table with these values.



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