Setting up a map background

You can use the same background on all pages of the questionnaire or have different backgrounds for different pages. In the main questionnaire settings (pictured in the image below), you decide which images, interactive images and maps you want to use in the questionnaire and choose which type of background will be used by default. You can then decide which background to use on which page in the page settings.

When you first start drafting a questionnaire, we will automatically add a map (Mapbox Streets) as the background. If you don't want to use it, you can delete it in the Maps tab.

There are three different types of maps in Maptionnaire:

System maps

Maptionnaire comes with a number of pre-uploaded map options provided by Mapbox and MapTiler. You can use as many of them in your questionnaire as you want or combine them with your own maps. Mapbox Streets is included in every questionnaire by default, but you can switch off its use here.


If you want to use another background map than those provided by Maptionnaire by default, you can choose it here. You can also browse all the maps already filed to your team's Materials.

Map overlays

Map overlays are map layers that contain only certain features (such as roads or houses) and that are layered on top of a basemap. Map overlays include ESRI shapefiles and GeoJSONs. To add map overlays to your questionnaire, you can upload the map file here or use the maps already uploaded to your Materials. Then, add the map overlay in the same way as the basemap but to the Map overlays section. 

Note that you can also create your own GeoJSON overlays directly in Maptionnaire with the Hand-drawn layer function.



  1. Upload the map(s) you want to use in the editor or choose a map from your existing Materials or the default system maps.
  2. Go to the Questionnaire settings. Under the General tab, choose Interactive map as the questionnaire background style.
  3. Under Maps, find the type of map you want to use and click the field next to Add layer a drop-down menu with all your available map options. Choose the map you want to use.
  4. The name of the map should appear above the field with a series of boxes behind it. The boxes represent the pages in your questionnaire. Tick the ones where you want to make the map available for use.
  5. If you want to set a default location/zoom level for the map, you can do this in the page settings. You can choose to use just one default location (in which case you need to set the map on the first questionnaire page and the other pages will copy it) or you can set different default locations on different pages (see instructions in Set up different backgrounds on different pages on this page).

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