How can I get graphs of the survey results?


Go to Questionnaires and click Analyze. You are now in a section called Response graphs, which contains automatically generated graphs of each question in your survey. 


The graphs are shown in the same order as the questions in your survey.

You will first see graphs of questions on the first survey page. Click the arrows on the bottom left corner of the page to move between pages.

Click the expand symbol on the corner of the graph to edit it or to download it as an image file.

If a map question included a pop-up with further questions, you will find graphs of them as well.


The graphs include all survey responses – both from those respondents who submitted their responses and those who didn't. You can always see how many respondents each question had in total, and how many of the responses came from respondents who submitted their answers at the end of the survey. (Remember to hide your test responses so they do not show up in these graphs!)

The dataname is the unique ID for each question, which you can also find in the questionnaire editor.


You can choose between different chart types and change the colors of the sectors. We're constantly developing the analysis tool, and in the future it will offer a wider range of editing options.

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