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ESRI ArcGIS problems

As of February 2022, the ESRI ArcGIS program is experiencing issues when opening shapefiles exported from Maptionnaire. We are investigating the issue, but as we are already using ESRI tools to produce the shapefiles there is a high probability that we will have to wait for ESRI to fix this issue. In the meanwhile, if you require your map data as shapefiles to use in ArcGIS, you can either use the WKT data to generate the shapefiles in QGIS and then take that to ArcGIS, or contact, who will be able to generate them for you.

In addition to the Excel, you can download the results to map questions in shapefile or GeoJSON format. This allows you to conduct further analysis of your data in third-party GIS software such as ArcGIS. 

  1.  Go to the Analyze section and choose the Map responses tab.

  2. Select the layers you want to download by adding them as analysis layers. You can also set up filters; in that case only the markings that meet the filter conditions will be included in the download.


  3. You can find the download buttons under the Export tab. There are two ways you can choose to download shapefiles and GeoJSONs:

    All layers in one file

    This will create one folder (shapefile) or file (GeoJSON) which includes all the layers you want to download (please note that different types of markings, e.g. points and polygons, will always be in separate files). 

    One file per layer

    This creates separate folders/files for each layer.





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