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If you are working with a panel company to direct respondents to your survey, then the Panel tracker element is a great help in setting up this integration. Panel companies direct respondents to your questionnaire and usually also want to track completion rates by having the questionnaire return the respondent IDs back to the panel company site after completion.

How panel companies do this tracking in practice is by adding a query string to the URL (link), in this case the survey URL. The query string is usually in the format ?FieldName=FieldValue. Let's say that the panel company is using the query string ?panel_company_id=1234. This will be on every single link they send to potential respondents, but the value (1234) will be different in each link given to each separate respondent.

When the respondent accesses the survey through that link, Maptionnaire makes a note of the individualized link they used. When the respondent has completed the survey and clicked 'Done' at the end, they are re-directed to the panel company's website, thus giving the panel company information about who has already completed the survey. With this information, they can thus track whether they need to send out more links to fulfill the respondent quota. 


  1. To enable this in Maptionnaire, we have added the panel tracker element to the element library. Simply add that element to the first page of the survey, and enter the query string in Parameter.


  2. Then add the 'return URL' (e.g. to Survey settings > Publication > Direct respondents to this website after the last page.

  3. In addition to passing information to the panel company, you can see which respondents have completed the survey from your results Excel sheet, which also records the parameter values (e.g. respondent's individual panel company ID). To make it easier to find this information from the results file, we suggest giving it a Label (e.g. Panel ID) when you set up the Panel tracker.


Currently, it's not possible to track how many respondents who fulfill certain criteria have already completed the survey ("Quota full" tracking, e.g. if there's a gender-based quota, tracking how many men have completed the survey) or who have been given the link but do not qualify as respondents ("Screen out" tracking e.g. people who have been given the survey link by the panel company but don't live in the city the survey is about and therefore do not qualify for it). We are working on adding these features in the future.

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