Translating pages

Just like questionnaires, you can also translate your project pages to multiple languages. However, in the Webpage builder the translation process works a little bit differently. 


    1. Create a page for each language version.

      To make the process faster, it's a good idea to first create one page and then use copies of it to create the translations. This way you don't need to build the page up from scratch each time. Please also remember to select the language that the page is in from the Page settings. If you want to create a translation in a language that is not available in the list, please contact and we can usually arrange it to be added within a week.

    2. Go to Languages in the upper right corner of the editor, or choose it from the menu on the dashboard.

    3. Link the pages together.

      There are two lists in this menu. On the right side, you can see all the pages in your team or subgroup. Choose all the pages that are different language versions of this page by clicking Add.

    4. And that's it!

      Now when your respondents view the page, they can always choose different versions from the language menu. The version that they will be shown depends on the settings of their internet browser.

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