Survey checklist

Ready to launch your survey? Before you do that, remember to go through this checklist:


  • Be thorough: Test your survey on both desktop and mobile devices (also check what the answer data looks like on Excel and the analysis tool !), and preferably with a representative test group.
  • Hide test results 
  • Consider creating a copy of the survey: If you've made a lot of changes to the questions after the first publication time, it may be worth making a copy of your survey (click 'Copy' from the three-dot menu in the questionnaire card), publish it and use it for the final data collection. This erases the publication history and any test answers. Remember to archive the original survey so that you don't get the old and the new confused! 

Images and maps:

  • Delete any background images and maps that you don't need in your survey: Go to Survey settings > Backgrounds and check that all the images and maps listed are ones that you are using in your survey. Remember to check the pages on which the image/map is used. Delete any images and maps you're not using so that they do not make the survey slow to load. If you change your mind, you can always find the image/map again in Materials (for images and maps you've brought to Maptionnaire) or under System maps (for any maps we provide).
  • Check the sizes of image and map files: All the map and image files that you use in your survey are under 500 kb in size. If you have several files on the same page, we recommend that their combined size should be max. 1 MB.

URL, QR code and social media settings:

  • Customized survey URL + QR code: If you'd like to use a customized shortlink and QR code for your survey, please contact We can also create links to each language version of the survey if your survey is in several languages.
  • Social media settings: Check that you've written a title, description and image under Card. These will be shown if the URL of the survey is shared on social media.


  • Start and end: Set start and end dates for the data collection (Survey settings > General
  • Redirect link: Check that you have entered a redirect link in the survey settings (otherwise respondents will be directed to after completing the survey)
  • Privacy policy: If you have selected to ask respondents for publication consent at the beginning or end of the survey, remember to also enter the link to your privacy policy in Survey settings. Otherwise the setting won't work.
  • Thank you: Check that you've written a thank you note (under Style). 
  • Contact details: Remember to include in your survey introduction who the respondents should contact if they have questions about the survey. 
  • Main language: If you have created several language versions of the survey, check that the Main language (under Language) is the one you have drafted the original version of the survey in. Please note that if one of the translation languages should be the language version that people see by default, you should use a language parameter in the URL instead of changing the Main language setting.


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