Survey checklist

Ready to launch your survey? Before you do that, remember to go through this checklist:


Images and maps:

  • Delete any background images and maps that you don't need in your survey. Make sure that those you want to use are only available for use on the pages you wish to use them on by only ticking those pages in the survey settings.
  • Check that all the map and image files that you use in your survey are under 1 MB in size. If you have several files on the same page, we recommend that their combined size should be max. 1 MB.

URL, QR code and social media settings:


  • Check that all the settings under the General tab in your survey are correctly set and that you have chosen a redirect link (otherwise respondents will be directed to after completing the survey)
  • Check that you've written a thank you note (under Style). 
  • Remember to include in your survey introduction who the respondents should contact if they have questions about the survey. 
  • If you have several language versions of the survey, check that the main language (under Language) is the one you have drafted the survey in and that the translations are correct


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