Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In what format will the response data be in?

Currently, the response data is downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet. Map responses/geographic data can also be downloaded as shapefiles and geoJSONs.

I've asked respondents to upload their own files, such as photos, as responses. How are these featured in Results? Can I download them as a bundle?

When the respondent uploads their own files, we feature them as links in the final results Excel spreadsheet. It is not currently possible to automatically download them in one folder or as a bundle. 

Can I see how many respondents have taken the questionnaire somewhere?
Yes, please see this article for more details.
Can I use the data in a GIS programme like QGIS?

Yes, you can. The results data contains the coordinates for each map point that has been placed (WKT), making it easy to simply transfer the Excel data to a GIS software. You can also download the map responses as shapefiles or geoJSONs in the analysis tool.

How long do you (Maptionnaire) retain our (the client) data after our license has expired?

We (Maptionnaire) typically retain your (the client) team/subgroup with its surveys, pages, materials and results data for 90 days following the end of your license. Please note that this does not mean that you will be able to access your team and data during the 90 days; it simply means that we keep it for that period in case you want to renew your license. Therefore, when choosing the length of your license, please make sure that you leave enough time for data analysis. 

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