The slider can be used for questions where the respondent needs to evaluate something on a scale. It can be used both for numerical and text-based questions (as in the example above).

How to use this element:

  1. This element's settings are divided into Basic, Extra and Dataname settings. First, write the question and the titles for the poles under the Basic tab. Choose also the values of the poles and the default value.

    If you are not asking for a specific number (e.g. a cost of something) with this question, but are instead using it to gauge opinions on a scale as in the example in the image below, it may be reasonable to change the step size. This makes classification of results and creating graphs easier, as respondents are not choosing any value between 0-100. E.g. if the extreme minimum pole title has the value of 0 (=sounds awful) and the maximum 100 (=sounds great), and you set the step size to be 20, then respondents can choose 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 as their answer.


  2. Under the Extra settings tab, you can also choose to show a value for the position that the respondent places the slider in or hide it as well as to make other choices.

  3. Under the Dataname tab you can change the unique dataname generated for this question. However, please familiarize yourself with the ground rules for altering datanames first. Normally, we do not recommend altering it.

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