Device information element

With the device information element, you can record the following data about your respondents and the devices they are using:

  • operating system
  • internet browser
  • screen width
  • screen height

The screen width and height can you give you information on whether the respondent is using a laptop, a desktop computer or a mobile phone to fill out the questionnaire.

To use this feature, simply add the element to the questionnaire page where you want to track this information. If you want to record this information for all your respondents, it's good to place the element(s) on the first page. If you are only interested in what devices certain groups of respondents (e.g. age groups) are using to respond, you can also add these elements to for example page jump target pages. You can track only one type of data per element. If you want to record two types of data, or more, you need to add an element for each data type.

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