Create a map file (Draw map/Hand-drawn layers)

Want to show features (points, lines or polygons/areas) on a map but don't have access to a GIS programme with which to create such a map? Don't worry, we've got you covered with the hand-drawn layers function. It allows you to create GeoJSON-format map files with different features, and can be used on Maptionnaire just like any other map layer.

How to create a hand-drawn layer:

      1. Go to Materials and to the Maps section. Click Draw map.


      2. Choose the type of feature you want to add (point, line or area) from the Select drawing type drop-down menu.


      3. Click any point on the map to start drawing; you can zoom in or out from the + and - symbols and drag the map with your cursor. If you want to delete a feature, click it and then Delete. You can also move the feature to a different location from Edit

      4. To add labels to the features, click the feature on the map and then select Label and ID. Each feature is automatically given an ID according to the order in which they were added to the file.


      5. Finally, click Save and give the map layer a name and a short description. 


      6. The map layer should now be visible as a GeoJSON layer under the Maps tab in Materials. It's now ready to be used in surveys!

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