Use this element to ask a multiple choice question. The respondent can choose only one answer option.

How to use this element:

  1. Add the question element to your draft. The element's settings are divided into three categories: Basic, Extra and Dataname. The settings for each answer options have also been divided into three tabs.

    To start editing your question, go first to the Basic settings. Write the question in the space for question label, and the answer options in the boxes below. You can add boxes by clicking the + sign. You can also determine whether you want to make the question mandatory.


  2. Under the Extra settings tab for each answer option, you can:
  3. Under the Extra settings tab for the element, you can:
    • Choose the style of the option list (vertical, horizontal, drop-down, buttons, images or image grid)
    • Randomize the order of the options for each respondent
    • Hide text from answer options (if you want to use only images)
    • Set the last option to remain in place even if the rest of the options are randomized (this is recommended if the last option is 'Other')


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