Supported operating systems and internet browsers

Does Maptionnaire have any system or browser requirements? 

Maptionnaire uses commercially reasonable efforts to support the two most recent major versions of operating systems with significant market share (>1%) running up-to-date versions of browsers with significant market share (>1%). 

The currently supported operating systems and versions for respondents are:

  • Windows (11, 10 and later)
  • macOS (13, 12 and later)
  • Android (13, 12 and later)
  • iOS/iPadOS (16, 15 and later)

The supported browsers are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Edge, and Opera.

For optimal performance, please remember to make sure that you have the latest browser version. 

If you are part of a team using Maptionnaire to create questionnaires and other content, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome.

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