To ensure that your user account is as secure as can be, you should set up two-factor authentication (2FA).

Two-factor authentication means that in addition to entering the correct email and password combination to log in, you will also need to enter a verification code. 

Setting up two-factor authentication

1. Install a two-factor authentication app on your phone. We support most 2FA apps, such as Authy or Microsoft Authenticator.

2. In the app, add a new account. You will be asked for a QR code to set up a connection to Maptionnaire. To find the QR code, log in to your Maptionnaire user account. Go to Account settings. Next to Two-factor authentication, click Set up.


3. Scan the QR code with your phone.

4. Click Next in Maptionnaire.

5. Enter a code from the authentication app. 


6. You're all set! Now when you log in to Maptionnaire, after entering your email and password, you will be asked for a verification code.



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