Add place names to the map

When you use system or basemaps, there is very little you can usually do to change the naming of different places. However, if you need to add place names to the map, there are ways you can do this.

I have a map file that contains the place names – how do I make them visible?

1. Upload the layer to Materials.

2. Under Label key, write the name of the column in the layer's attribute table under which the names for each map feature are listed.

3. Switch on Show feature labels. You can edit the visual appearance of the labels with the settings below.

I don't have a map file with the places names – what should I do?

1. Create a map file with the names in Maptionnaire with the Draw map functionality.

2. Follow the instructions above.

Additional (but very useful) function: Declutter labels

This setting adjusts the number of labels shown at each zoom level. In the picture below you can see the difference this setting makes.


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