GeoJSON is a format for encoding geospatial features, such as points, lines and polygons. The GeoJSON format is based on Java Script Open Notation. You can use GIS software to export your shapefiles as GeoJSONs or convert your shapefiles by using online services such as this one

In Maptionnaire, you can use GeoJSONs for example for creating clickable map objects in questionnaires.

How to upload a GeoJSON?

    1. Go to Materials. Click + Map and choose GeoJSON from the drop-down menu. 

      Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 5.31.30 PM.png

    2.  Click Upload and choose the GeoJSON file from your computer. The supported coordinate reference system for GeoJSONs is WGS84 with the latitude and longitude units in decimal degrees


    3.  Once the upload is complete, you can edit the settings of the GeoJSON:

      • Name the map.
      • Write a Description for it (to be displayed in the item card). 
      • Write a Control label or the map layer name that will be used in the map menu of the questionnaire if several map layers are in use.
      • Attribute the shapefile to its producers. The attribution is displayed on the lower right corner of the map.
      • Name an ID key if you want to use the shapefile as part of the Pop-up map or Select map elements. Each feature on the map should have a unique ID that contains only integer numbers. The ID key is the name of the column under which they are listed in the map layer's attribute table. Please note that you should not use the automatically generated FID column that is present in some shapefiles!
    4. Next, you can make decisions related to feature labels and visual appearance.

      • Name a label key and switch on Show feature labels to activate them. You can also make decisions regarding the visual presentation of the labels.
      • Choose the way in which the objects are visualized on the map by changing their color, size and opacity.

    5. Finally, click Create item, or Save if you are editing the settings after creating the item.

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