Zoom respondents to a location based on their answer

How can I direct respondents to zoom to a location on a map when they choose an option in a multiple choice question?

In the Choose one and Poll elements, you can set up the map to zoom in to a location when the respondent chooses a specific answer option. For example, if you are asking the respondent to choose the area where they live, as in the image below...


...when they choose an option, the map zooms to that location:


You could then ask the respondent to for example place map points in the area.

How to do this in your questionnaire:

  1. Add the Poll or Choose one element to your questionnaire and edit it as you would normally.

  2. Go to the Extra settings of answer options. The setting that you want to change is the Option location. There should be a map view on the right. Zoom it to the map view that you want the answer option to take the respondent and click Set view to save it. Repeat this for each of the answer options. Click the image below to view a larger version of it.

    Please note that if you are editing on a smaller screen, such as a laptop, you may have to expand your screen in order to view the map in the editing mode.

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