Automized Public Hearing Process

What is the Automized Public Hearing Process?

The Automized Public Hearing Process is a module that can be combined with any subscription level. It is an excellent tool for automizing feedback collection in public hearing processes and for enabling registry workers to use their time more effectively.

The module can be used in any survey, and will automatically send the respondents' answers to where they need to go (e.g. registry, planning department) and also sends the respondent a PDF copy of their survey answers. 

How do I set it up?

  1. Go to your questionnaire settings. Choose the tab PDF report. Here you can decide the text and its placement that will appear on every page of the PDF.

  2. Choose the tab titled PDF report email. If you want to send your respondents an email with a PDF of their responses, switch on the Send PDF report to respondent setting. Underneath it you can write the email that will accompany the PDF. In the Additional respondents section you can set all responses to also be sent to your project team members in PDF format.

  3. To collect respondents' emails, add an open question element to your questionnaire. It may be useful to set it to verify that the email address is in correct format. Then go to the element's PDF report tab and choose which information this field is collecting.

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